Restoration Services include:
  • Licensed Family Therapists
  • Separate Therapy for parents
  •  Joint Therapy for parents
  • Certified Mediator (if necessary)
  • "Out of Court" resolution
  • Technology & Equipment provided
  • Six month agreement for resolution
  • Step by step Process
  • Co-parenting Agreement 
  • Home based therapy via webcam for both parents from the comfort of their own home or residence (6 sessions)




I was on face book having a conversation with someone who lived in Dallas, Texas. Although we had just met online, she asked why A.A.O.R.F.?

I said because I feel like God is telling me to do something about my situation that has never been done SUCCESSFULLY. If it has, then I was not aware of it. I felt a deep burning down in the spirit of my inner-man. this feeling made my believe that I was called to this specific purpose of RESTORATION. The entire experience of "struggling" as a little black boy needing to find my identity without a father has had a crippling effect upon my life. Now I know that my difficulties were "ALWAYS" connected with my destiny.

We are either part of the problem or part of the Solution! Make a choice for your child's future!

If you know of someone who is a potential candidate, feel free to have them contact us. Regardless of their location in the United States, they are considered as potential candidates for this program.


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