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Eula Lockett

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Mervin January - A.A.O.R.F. was birthed out my own personal experiences. I have witnessed how an individual's development is impacted by lack, loss, and not having enough! Whenever someone lends a helping hand, it increase our chances of survival. I have learned that life is not always about what you know. Building and sustaining positive relationships is the key to success. Our HOPE is like a curtain rod. It will stay in place as long as it is connected to some form of HELP. Even in the midst of adversity, we will still have a chance to HEAL. Positive relationships cause us to believe that we still have a chance in life. Therefore, our HOPE is rooted in love. Love is like a good boxer: "proving that it is better to give than to receive." This is important because  love ALWAYS wins!













Monique January has a Bachelors Degree Business Administration and a minor in Human Resources. As an  Intake Counselor for AAORF, she can draw from her ministerial ordination as well as class training to help people who are in need.
















AAORF Liason - Eula "Chee Chee" Lockett is a long standing person of love in the local community. It has been said that she has a heart as" big as Texas." She has mentored multiple young ladies and currently provides a foster home to many young girls around the city. she has a long history of providing mentorship, inspiration, and love to those who are in need.












AAORF Liason - James Jones is a father of 3 who currently serves as a Deacon in his local church. He has 2 sons at prestigious colleges where they are both honor students. One son is fast completing his doctorate and will soon enter into the workforce. He also has a daughter in a local private school who is preparing for college to follow in the footsteps of her brothers. He provides mentorship at every opportunity to young men and girls who are available to receive his wisdom. He is a prime example of being able to retrieve out of our children the level of production that is capable of bright your students. This is critical as we prepare them for the "real world."


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