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Parental Alienation is emotional child abuse. It has been deemed a crime in Brazil, Mexico, and England. However, it goes unpunished here in the United States of America. According to statistics, over 23,000,000 million children have experience this epidemic of broken parent-child relationships due to blood-thirsty court room battles.

Alienating parents have continued to control our children by brainwashing their young minds against the non-custodial parents. Many people sit back and wonder what can be done. You can start to make a difference today by signing our petition that will be sent to Congress to introduce a bill that will one day become a law. Put your local congressman/woman to work for the very reason they were elected. Help us today by joining our fight against this traumatic experience. Click on the link that says "sign the petition" in the left-hand column and fill out the form. This is the first step in having an impact in saving our children. 

Parental Alienation involves frequent visits to court, falsified allegations, and chronic disagreements regarding parenting schedules. Furthermore, the 'targeted' parent loses out on a relationship with his or her child and suffers a great deal of pain and uncertainty. PA is emotional child abuse that forces our children to choose between 2 parents. It follows our children from adolescence to adulthood and then to the grave. Life is too short to allow this epidemic to continue to traumatize our livelihood. When good guys do nothing, the bad guys continue to win. Become part of the solution and sign the petition today!


"Become part of the solution by signing the petition!"


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