Our mission is to assist non-custodial parents repair Broken Parent-Child Relationships due to parental break-ups, court battles, and misuse of the child as a pawn in the parental game. The overall goal is to promulgate a new level of cooperation between two parents that focuses on the specific needs of their child. This will secure the continuous overall development process from infancy to adulthood.




Our vision is to reconnect parents with their precious children. Although many parents are separated for various reasons, it is our focus to re-establish the bond that was broken with their child. In the upcoming years, AAORF.ORG is positioned to become a leading provider of family services in the United States of America We will do so by providing a platform that will help to restore broken relationships between parents and their children. Indirectly AAORF.ORG will assist in decreasing the number of family service court litigations and create a more harmonious community.


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