Restoration Services include:
  • Weekly Food Bank.
  • Mentorship for kids (K-12).
  • Unemployment Assistance.
  • TEMPORARY Transition Shelter.
  • Spiritual Guidance.



Our targeted audience is "ANYONE" who is hurting, whether it be from homelessness, unemployment, addiction,  domestic violence, lack of education, broken relationships, a state of  impoverishment, or lack of opportunity.


According to local statistics, there are approximately 1,800 people in the city of Portland, Oregon who are currently suffering from homelessness. This is also accompanied by mental health problems, a state of impoverishment, mal-nourishment, and unemployment. Due to a state of discontentment, they search for chemical dependencies, crime, alcoholism, and other methods of coping with their despair. A.A.O.R.F. is a results-oriented non-profit entity. We have high aspirations of positively impacting our local city to help reduce  this systemic problem that plagues those who are underprivileged. If you believe this is a good cause, feel free to join in the fight against growing epidemic. Our goal is to  reduce the number of "victims" who currently experience this indigenous quality of life.  There are millions of US Citizens who survive broken-homes, incarceration, depression, and more simply to find themselves living from pillar to post. Quite frankly they simply need a helping hand to transfer from brokenness to a new beginning. As long as we sit and do nothing, this problem will continue to continue to eat away at the fabric of our society. Join us today and help our people to heal. Let's join together to give them a better life filled with peace, joy, and happiness. Love always wins.

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