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One Child is 1 Too Many!


Many children are still waiting to see non-custodial parents face to face due to "blood-thirsty" court room battles. Family court proceedings have caused many years of separation between the parent and the child.



Did you grow up without one or both parents? Do you know of someone who has experienced this in their life as a child? If your answer is yes, then you can easily understand why this organization will help to promulgate healing. There are a minimum of 23 million children across the US who are "victims" of broken parent-child relationships. 

What is parental alienation? There are multiple legal issues concerning Parent Alienation in American law, criticisms of PA in courts of law, protecting the fundamental rights of children in families, and family law reform. Parental Alienation can be defined as a mental condition in which a child, usually one whose parents are engaged in a high-conflict separation or divorce, chooses to prefer one parent and rejects a relationship with the other parent without legitimate justification.  

Parental Alienation is emotional child abuse and should be a crime. As of 2015, it is currently a crime punishable by law in the Great Britain (UK), Northern Ireland (UK), Mexico, and Brazil.

Currently studies show the effects of children who grow up in households without one or both parent figures. This has a dramatic impact on their ability to be nurtured by both parents and receive the influence of two caregivers. Instead, they become victims of countless arguments. Often, the children are caught in the middle of "blood-thirsty" court-room battles which squander thousands of dollars and make no sense in the overall well-being of the child. AAORF wants to put an end to this senselessness and focus on the most important people involved...our children. As long as parents are fighting, our children will continue to lose. Join us today and help our children to heal. Let's save our children and give them a better life filled with peace, joy, and happiness. Love always wins.



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