FUTURE Restoration Services will include:

  • Licensed Family Therapists
  • Separate Therapy for parents
  •  Joint Therapy for parents
  • Certified Mediator (if necessary)
  • "Out of Court" resolutions
  • Technology & Equipment provided
  • Six month agreement for resolution
  • Step by step Process
  • Co-parenting Agreement 
  • Home based therapy via webcam for both parents from the comfort of their own home or residence (6 sessions)


Your donations are going to a great cause! Also, each donation that you make is tax-deductible and you will immediately receive an electronic receipt via email. Our secured service allows anyone to pay through credit cards (MasterCard or Visa) , bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information.   

One of the greatest reasons to donate to charity is to promote love and healing. If you believe this is a good cause, then make a decision to donate today to this 501c3 charitable organization. Your financial support will help reduce court litigations and assist in the creation of a more harmonious community. We believe that program is an integral part of the cure!

If mailing a check, our address is available on the CONTACT US  page. Please make all checks payable to Against All Odds Restoration Foundation.

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